My First Mortgage

Our team will be your guide to your first home buyers mortgage

Purchasing your first property? McCarthy Money can help assess your financial capacity and show you the best options for your First Home Buyers Mortgage. We’ll make sure it’s sustainable and the right loan for your future

First Home Buyers Mortgage

Purchasing your first property is often very difficult, no matter how old you are. Given the various government schemes available for First Home Buyers, differing credit policies between the lending institutions, various persons involved in the purchasing process (banks, valuers, solicitors, mortgage insurers, etc) and the large amount of associated costs with a transaction such as this, it is a real minefield out there.

You may also be wondering whether the first property you purchase should be a home or an investment. There are pros and cons for each strategy which means you’ll need to assess your individual circumstances so that an informed decision can be made. McCarthy Money have our very own “In House” Money Coaches to help with these sorts of decisions and take you through the pros and cons of each. If you’re looking further into the future, you might be thinking that your first home will end up becoming your first investment property. There will come a time when you look to upgrade from your first home. This could be due to a growing family, moving because of work commitments or maybe, you just want to move to a nicer area. Either way, your first home purchase is unlikely to be the last.

McCarthy Money will help give you the answers to the countless questions and options available when it comes to buying your first home. We’ll stress-test your ability to take on the major commitment of a first home buyers mortgage by completing some financial exercises and then developing a strategy that will help move you forward.