George & Linda, Forestville NSW

‘We met Michael a few years after purchasing our investment properties and he was able to literally save us thousands of dollars each month by restructuring our finances. We got caught on the wrong loan product which led to the debts becoming unaffordable and an increase in our personal debt level. Luckily, Michael was able to solve the problem through consultation and set up of a new loan structure. This included better bank and better interest rates.

While we’re happy to be saving a lot of money, the real positive is that our financial stress level has decreased. This stress was starting to have a negative impact on our lives so we’re relieved to know that it’s behind us and that we have someone to turn to for advice in the future.

We recommend that anyone who has a home or investment loan and wants to make an improvement to their finances give Michael Johnson and his team at McCarthy Money the opportunity to meet and discuss.

Gavin and Karen, Jordan Springs NSW

‘For us, the best part of the service from McCarthy Money was the planning process. Michael has helped us in planning this process to achieve the best financial result, ensuing that our overall money strategy was suited to our needs. Making sure that our big picture financial goals are being looked after is really important to us, so knowing that Michael is there to support and advise on how to get the best use out of the bank, makes a real difference to our situation.

Michael was also there for us every step of the way when processing a recent transaction. Our latest venture was a major one. The purchase of our dream home was a big task and not straight forward at all. We both had previously owned our own homes. We sold one property prior to financing the new home and selling the other property once we had moved in. We sold one property prior to financing the new home and selling the other property once we had moved in. There were alot of factors to consider and alot of questions which needed answering. Knowing that Michael was always willing th help and advise us through this process was a huge relief to us both, given that there were tax-deductible borrowings related to investment properties to factor in.

We definitely recommend to anyone who currently has a home loan, or is thinking of refinancing, to meet with Michael. We are sure he will be able to come up with a strategy suited to your individual financial requirements and needs. A bank account structure that is working with our individual circumstances has made a tremendous difference to our finances.’

Goran & Rod, Caversham WA

‘We’ve been working with Michael for a number of years. He has helped us finance 3 investment property purchases as well as the purchase of a personal residence. The good part about Michael is that we trust his judgement and know he and his team will do everything possible to make the process a smooth one…and if you’ve purchased property before you know there’s always some sort of challenge along the way. There are a lot of people involved with a purchase but we know that we only really have to communicate with McCarthy Money who will control all aspects.

We like how Michael works with many different banks and is able to design the account set up which works best for what we want. Our finance requirements are not straight forward but making the on-going banking system simple to use is importance to us.

Above all we know that McCarthy Money work in our best interest and it’s all about a long term relationship not just a once transaction.’

John and Wendy, Kings Langley NSW

‘We met Michael when he first arranged finance for our first two investment properties. Michael showed us how to structure the loans we needed so that we received what he calls the ‘maximum benefit’. He also obtained the finance approvals we required to purchase the properties, took care of all the paperwork and then made sure everything was finalised properly. We really valued his expertise as it made a complicated process very straight forward.

Once we effectively paid off our first family home and it became time to upgrade, we arranged for Michael and his team to get involved again. The thought of buying and selling a new home and relocating the family was a daunting prospect. There are a lot of things going on at the same time and it’s not hard for things to get out of control. We were so glad to have McCarthy Money there to handle all of the finance components.

Getting the right loan, with the right features, at the right interest rate was important to us and Michael was able to do all of that without us having to deal with the bank. Michael made all of the arrangements on our behalf. He also took care of the negotiations which gave us plenty of time to deal with the many issues going on in our lives. From our experience of dealing with McCarthy Money we are happy to recommend their services to others.’

Narian & Gurnam, East Ryde NSW

The decision to knock down and rebuild our family residence was not one decision we took lightly. There had been many months of consideration and planning that went into it. While there are alot of people involved and a significant outlay in terms of cost we’re really thankful that we had Michael to sort out the money we needed for our dream home.

Unfortunately, we experienced a significant variety of problems/ issues, with our existing bank we initially tried to get the loan approved. We thought that dealing with a bank that we had an existing relationship with would be the way to go therefore made contact with our branch. After jumping through all of their hoops (and there were plenty of them) they still weren’t able to get the finance approved.

That’s when we decided to call Michael, who had previously helped us with the loan for an investment property we had purchased. After only an hour consultation with Michael, we felt confident that his loan proposal would be successful, as he discussed the differing lending policies between our existing bank and the proposed new bank ha had already researched prior to our meeting.

Within a week of getting the property valued, the loans were approved. What a relief! It’s amazing how working with both the right people and bank plus knowing the details can make such a big difference. Michael thank you for your professionalism and valuable effort – it has been much appreciated by us!!

Jaime & Rebecca, Northcote VIC

‘We first became in involved with Glenn Williams when arranged finance for our first investment property. We are pretty risk aversive generally and had a lot of questions and concerns but never felt pressured and felt very well supported along the way. Glenn helped us to structure the loans we needed so we could maximise our benefits whilst obtaining the finance approvals and making sure everything went through smoothly. Glenn helped to make the whole process a little easier. We were also in the process of purchasing our first home which Glenn also arranged the finance for. This was a relief for us as arranging finance for two properties at the same time was quite daunting.

We were rather inexperienced with finance and Glenn’s experience helped us get the right loan with the right features for us and he did all this without us having to deal with the Bank. Glenn made all of the arrangements and took care of all the negotiations including helping us have the First Home Owners Grant approved.

We’re happy to recommend the services of McCarthy Money and appreciate and trust Glenn’s advice.’