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McCarthy Accountants, Macquarie Park, know how your relationship with the Australian Tax Office changes over time. We’ll make sure the right decisions are made to give you a better chance at financial success.

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The amount of tax you are required to pay over your lifetime has an enormous impact on your financial position. While we all understand that there is a need to pay tax to enjoy the standard of living that Australia offers its residents, most do not want to pay more than their fair share. McCarthy Accountants, located in the heart of Macquarie Park, aims to legally minimise your tax liability and use those savings to help improve your financial well-being.

McCarthy Accountants Macquarie Park know how your relationship with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will change over the different life stages, and just like your relationship with the bank, making the right decisions will give you a greater chance of financial success. Spending an hour with your local tax agent once a year to get your tax return lodged is not going to accomplish the real goal of financial freedom. Allow our Chartered Accountant (CPA) to consult with you, devise a specific tax strategy, as well as provide the knowledge required to make smart choices about your money in this complicated area.

Given that taxation consumes such a significant proportion of your income, when was the last time you pursued and received some real advice? We’re talking about the type of advice that makes you wish you received it many years prior. Can you see how having a relationship with a business like McCarthy Accountants whose focus is to provide a full financial service can be valuable? We want to make a positive impact to your money and this cannot be achieved without taxation being taken into account.

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