Investment Property Loans

It is vital that your investment strategy fits in with your lending strategy. McCarthy Money can help you quickly identify if your existing investment property loans are the right fit for your financial strategy.

Investment Property Loans

Creating wealth through property is a very popular investment strategy. It is quite rare for someone to purchase a property without first borrowing money. Property investors tend to have larger than average amounts of debt due to the concept of leverage where the idea is to hold multiple assets for an extended period of time at a low cost while the investment matures. Borrowing money from the bank is critical to being able to manage a property investment strategy, thus having the right credit adviser can make all the difference to your investment property loans.

McCarthy Money will help you acquire the lending and finance needed to purchase the assets, and more importantly, we can also help you with the on-going management. It should never be simply about “getting the money” as it’s a long term commitment, therefore you want to do it right and avoid problems down the track.

You may be wondering if multiple lenders should be used to make up the loan structure, should a hedging strategy be considered in your circumstances, or perhaps how your ability to meet repayment obligations will change when interest rates fluctuate. McCarthy Money will help you make informed decisions regarding your investment property loans and can help answer many other questions that may arise during the process.

McCarthy Money has been a financing expert for property investors for over 15 years. If you’re considering purchasing an investment property, consider an obligation free chat with our team before making any commitments.

It is vital that your investment strategy fits in with your lending strategy. McCarthy Money goes one step further to ensure that your lending strategy is suitable for your household budget. With debt comes risk therefore property investors need to understand how they can manage that risk and overcome their fear of debt. McCarthy Money is more than willing to consult with your financial planner or insurance broker in relation to this, and if you don’t have one we’d be happy to introduce you to a reputable service provider.