Loan Refinancing

McCarthy Money can help you quickly identify if your existing loan is the right loan for your financial strategy. If there’s room for improvement, we have a range of loan refinancing options to help deliver a better outcome for you.

Loan Refinancing

If you have ever felt like pressing the reset button on your household or business finances, you know that life has a way of influencing those financial goals. We’ve always recommended that you revisit your financial strategy and track your progress periodically. As times move on, interest rates may change, better options may arise, or sometimes, your goals may take a shift in a different direction. What is a priority for you today may not be in a few years time. What is working for your business currently is not guaranteed to pay dividends in the future. Looking at a refinance of your credit facilities allows you take stock of the situation and reset your loan structure. You might be looking for a more cost effective debt solution, or to reduce the term of your home loan to save on the amount of interest and fees paid to your lending institution.

The most common reason we hear for loan refinancing, is to improve cash flow. Reviewing the various features available on a particular loan products and how that benefits your overall position is another reason that could also warrant a refinance.

For many investors, managing debt is a necessity and can impact the performance of their portfolio, therefore keeping a close eye on their loan facilities is essential. Refinancing to ensure that their investment strategy is going to plan can be a healthy (and monetarily positive) exercise if done correctly.

See how much you could save by using our online calculators and comparing terms, interest rates and payment frequencies. You’ll be surprised how much better off you could be.