SMSF Loans

Retirement can be a sensitive topic. If you’re borrowing money for a direct property investment through super via SMSF loans, let our credit advisers to be part of your expert team to avoid costly mistakes. You don’t want to mess with your retirement funds.

SMSF Property Investment

Property investment via an SMSF ownership structure has become more and more popular in recent years. This is a specialised area of lending that McCarthy Money have expertise in. Australians love property, and with the ability to borrow money through SMSF loans now being offered, it means that many can now have a property portfolio as part of their superannuation investment. We work closely with your financial planner and any legal representatives to ensure the solution is well thought out and meets your objectives. Retirement can be a sensitive topic. Allow our credit advisor to be part of your expert team and avoid costly mistakes.

Unlike your traditional home loan, SMSF loans do not come with the features you’re accustomed to and you’re likely to operate them in a very different manner. Qualifying for a SMSF loan is also very different than your traditional home loan as it operates under a very different lending policy set by the bank, and needs to comply with various legislative acts set by the government. This is not to say that qualifying for SMSF loans is difficult, however, the way affordability is calculated, the amount of money lent in comparison to the property value, the type of property, and even the location of the property can be very different.

You may be wondering if borrowing money against your superannuation is suitable or even a possibility given your circumstances. Another question you might have is if the amount of money you borrow influences the type of property your SMSF ends up purchasing.

Getting the right advice upfront is the key to success as you do not want to be making mistakes with your superannuation funds. McCarthy Money partnering alongside our specialist SMSF financial planner can assist with various SMSF strategies.Visit our Contact Us page or fill in the form below for more information

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