Who is McCarthy Money?

McCarthy Money wants to be your financial partner and work with you over the different stages of your life. Our aim is to help you structure your finances and optimise your lending and taxation affairs so you can achieve your financial dreams.

Who We Are

McCarthy Money is a company specialising in finance broking and taxation planning, who are available to partner with you through your various stages of life. Think of us as your money manager when it comes to all of your loans and accounting needs.

While many of us think of tax and taxation planning as an annual chore and look to get it lodged the cheapest and easiest way possible, McCarthy Money don’t approach your tax like this. We understand that it’s impossible to be financially successful without taking control of your accounting matters. Investors know the value of this better than most and McCarthy Money has considerable experience in this area. We currently work with hundreds of investors and pride ourselves on the results delivered.

Finance Broking

From a lending perspective, while we will arrange the finance required to purchase your family home and investment properties, we consider ourselves more than your average mortgage broker. The best description is probably that of a “mortgage planner”. Rather than just trying to find you the cheapest rate via the 30 banks and lending institutions on our panel, McCarthy Money wants to work with you over an extended period of time to help you structure your finances and achieve your financial dreams, be they to:

  • Buy your first home
  • Pay your current home loan off sooner
  • Upgrade or renovate your residence
  • Start a business
  • Free up cash for a better lifestyle
  • Build assets for retirement
  • Purchase an investment property
  • Finance your car purchase

Buying a home or investment property is one of the biggest purchasing decisions you will ever make and McCarthy Money can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. You’ll need to understand the tax implications when making this type of decision and you’re also going to require direction when it comes to borrowing money. Our credit adviser has access to hundreds of loan products and will tailor the finance solution to ensure it gives you flexibility, and fits with your financial circumstances. This will help you to achieve life goals and improve your financial well being. We’ll even do the negotiation with the lender on your behalf.

Taxation Planning

Whether you like it or not, taxation and debt are significant parts of your finances. They have a large impact on the money we earn and have available to spend, while also influencing many of our financial decisions. This is why having taxation planning and credit advice experts working together on your team is important, and where McCarthy Money can add value. Our tax specialist and credit adviser are here to help you understand the implications of taxation and borrowing money while managing your affairs into the future.